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Duke University is committed to becoming a truly global institution in all of its many activities, including research, teaching, and service to society.  The number of international trips taken each year is one sure sign of Duke's broad reach throughout the world:  in 2015, Duke's faculty, staff and students took almost 9,000 trips abroad to more than 95 countries.

When it comes to managing a crisis or assisting an ill or injured traveler, Duke turns to its travel registry for vital information.  By entering your travel plans into the Registry, administrators are able to quickly locate you when an emergency situation occurs (e.g., earthquake, terror attack, etc.) in order to begin communication, facilitate aide and, when necessary, evacuate.  Registry information is confidential and used by Duke Global Administrative & Travel Support in case of an emergency or if your destination has been designated a Restricted Region by the Global Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC).

Duke Travel Registry also provides a quick and easy way to validate coverage should you turn to International SOS or CIGNA Medical Benefits Abroad for assistance while abroad.  To learn more about the below categories of travelers or about important providers or services for travelers visit the pages in the left-hand navigation column. 

If this is your first time registering travel in this system, please click the appropriate button below to proceed with your travel registration.  

Users who have previously registered can log-in using the shortcuts at the top right of this webpage to edit an existing itinerary or create a new travel record.


(e.g., Alumni)
Undergraduate Students Graduate/Professional Students and Post-Docs

Includes dates, destinations, emergency contact, etc


Simply enter dates and duration


Enter trip details for someone other than yourself