Over the last decade, Duke University has created and instituted several policies in order to better serve the employees who travel internationally as part of their job. Below are examples of just a few of these.

Payment Related to Obtaining Travel Documentation is a policy tied to the costs of securing entry visas, work or employment permits as well as residency permits in order to live and work in a non-U.S. host country.

The Vaccination and Travel Health Review Policy was instituted as a means to ensure that employees have the appropriate, and sometimes required, medical review and vaccinations prior to undertaking international travel on behalf of Duke. 

The Travel Clinic within Employee Occupational Health and Wellness at Duke is an at-cost clinic that allows for charges to be paid directly by departments, established to serve the Duke community following the creation of the Vaccination and Travel Health Review Policy. The Travel Clinic has posted Frequently Asked Questions on the Vaccination/Health Review Policy and the EOHW Travel Clinic.

Duke's Education Allowance for Long-Term International Assignments Policy was created to ensure that dependent children of employees had access to schools that meet equivalency measures to those schools that would be available to the employee's children if they were still in Durham North Carolina.