Must I enter my international travel into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry?

Yes, if you are an individual traveling outside the United States with “Duke Support” – whether faculty, staff, student or other (e.g., alumnus) – your international travel must be entered into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry.

What is “Duke Support”?

Duke Support is defined in the Duke Global Travel Policy as “financial and logistical support, academic approval, granting of credit for activity or work completed based on the travel, mentorship or any kind of material role for Duke in the travel.”

How can I my travel be entered into the new Duke-ISOS Travel Registry system?

There are multiple ways to have your travel entered into the new Duke Travel Registry:

  1. By manually creating your profile and entering your trip details through the My Trips icon at the bottom right of the Duke-ISOS portal.
  2. By using SAP/Concur and the associated travel agency World Travel Services, a BCD company, to book your travel, which is then automatically fed into the Registry system
  3. By using Concur’s TripIt application for organizing your Duke-supported travel, which is then automatically fed into the Registry system.
  4. By having a Proxy forward your itinerary or hotel reservation to the Registry email address, which is then automatically fed into the Registry system. Proxy instructions require a NETID login.
  5. If you are supporting a group trip abroad, you can coordinate a batch upload of the traveler’s information with the Duke Global Travel Team(link sends e-mail).

What is My Trips?

“My Trips,” as of November 1, 2022, will be the system used for the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry where you create your profile and manually add or edit your travel plans.

What is a “Registry profile”?

To access My Trips, each individual traveler must answer a brief set of profile questions such as what is your home department/unit, who is your emergency contact, what is your in-country cell number, etc. You only have to do this once, unlike the previous Duke Travel Registry, where you had to enter this information for every trip entered. In the My Trips system, you can make changes to your profile only when necessary.

What is a “Proxy”?

A “proxy” is any trusted colleague, support staff or administrative assistant who regularly assists you with making your travel arrangements, clearing expenses and processing reimbursements. This person is selected and approved by you to assist with ensuring your travel is compliant with Duke’s policies, whether those are accounting or travel related or dealing with grant/sponsored research awarded funds.

Can my proxy enter my travel?

Yes, a proxy can forward your itinerary for international travel to a dedicated email that will add it to the Duke Travel Registry system. Note: the instructions for forwarding an itinerary require a Duke NETID/password login.

Is creating a Profile important?

Yes, each traveler should take just a few moments to create their profile in the My Trips portal so that any travel that is added from Concur/World Travel Services or from a forwarded itinerary can be matched to the correct individual’s profile information within the system.

Can my Proxy create my Profile?

Yes, if your Proxy either has access to your email inbox or can coordinate the confirmation email that creating a profile generates, they can create a user name and password that both of you can use. The Duke-ISOS Travel Registry will not, at least initially, allow for a NETID/password login.

How do I log into My Trips?

Individual travelers must create their own user ID and password. A proxy may do this for you as long as they have access to your email inbox in order to confirm the address. International SOS’ My Trips software does not use Duke’s NETID/password (SSO or Federation) login.

When should I enter my travel into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry?

As soon as you book your travel, you are encouraged to enter it into the Duke-ISOS portal. Once it is entered you will receive a “Pre-Trip Advisory” email from International SOS that contains destination specific advice and information. Sometimes there are entry requirements for where you are headed that can take a few weeks to complete (e.g., recommended vaccines that are offered as a series of shots pre-departure). In order to allow time to prepare for your trip, all travelers are strongly encouraged to register as soon as the travel is confirmed.

What if I already entered my trip that begins after November 1st in the old Duke Travel Registry system?

If you already registered a trip that will begin after November 1, 2022 into the Duke Travel Registry, it will automatically be moved over into the new Duke ISOS Travel Registry software and you should receive a Pre-Trip Advisory email with destination specific information.

What if I have travelers presently abroad? Should I tell them to re-enter their trip into the new Duke-ISOS Travel Registry?

No, travelers do not need to re-enter an existing trip that is already underway into the new Duke-ISOS Travel Registry. We have their details previously entered which enables us to respond should an emergency occur while they are abroad.

Do I need to follow these guidelines when traveling domestically, even locally?

No, travel within the United States, its territories, or local travel between Duke sites such as the Marine Lab, Duke Forest or Duke Raleigh hospital, does not require entering the travel into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry.

What about personal international travel?

It depends. If the personal travel is embedded or “bookends” a Duke Supported trip abroad, then yes, you should enter that into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry. Examples of this would be if you are a GEO student spending the semester at Duke in Madrid and for the New Year’s Eve holiday you plan to travel to Dubai UAE to spend 3-days amidst your semester abroad. In this example, yes, you should enter that into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry. Otherwise, were a catastrophic event to occur in Dubai on New Year’s Eve, we would have no way to know you were there. Further, Duke’s coverage for safety and security services provided by International SOS applies to up to 7-days of personal travel if it is “attached” to a Duke Supported trip.

What if I am only taking a day trip (no overnight stay)?

If you are taking a day trip, whether it is Duke Supported or personal travel, you do not need enter the trip into the Duke-ISOS Travel Registry.

Should I use Concur to book my travel?

Concur ensures the lowest airfares and 24/7 support for Duke travelers from World Travel Services, Duke’s preferred travel agency. Booking through the University’s preferred travel vendor and systems guarantees consistent service on any issues that may arise, such as: emergency assistance, ticket reissuance and rebilling through the University’s billing account, and assistance with refunds and unused tickets.