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Travel Clinics

Student Travel Clinic

The Duke Student Health International Travel Clinic provides pre-travel health exams and vaccinations.  Students planning to travel abroad should schedule a pre-travel appointment at least 8 - 12 weeks prior to departure. Several vaccines are given as a series and can take several weeks to complete.  Most students travel during academic breaks or during sponsored trips which increases demand during peak seasons.  Planning early enables you to get an appointment and avoid waiting lists and potential vaccine shortages. The clinic will try to accommodate all students, but at peak times it can take up to 6 weeks to get an appointment.  Individual appointments are available Monday through Friday, with hours varying depending on the time of year.  Appointments and information can be obtained by calling 919-681-9355 (WELL).  You should allow 90-minutes for your appointment.  If you are traveling with a group of students, you may be able to been seen as a group for education and immunizations.  Have your group leader contact the Clinic for additional information.  Those who are not Duke students cannot be seen at the Duke Student Health International Travel Clinic and should seek pre-travel care with their personal physician.

Employee Travel Clinic

Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW) Travel Clinic provides Duke employees with pre- and post-travel health care and provides at-cost vaccinations for work related global travel.  EOHW can bill your department directly for their services via an IRI form or they accept VISA and MasterCard.  Prior to visiting the EOHW Travel Clinic Faculty and Staff are encouraged to read the Vaccination and Health Review Policy and complete an online Intake Travel Form.  All health and medical information is kept strictly confidential and is protected by Law.

It is recommended that you schedule your pre-travel health review as far in advance of your travel as possible as some vaccinations are administered in a series over several weeks or months.  Contact the EOHW Travel Clinic by calling (919) 684-3136.  For answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the EOHW Travel Clinic please visit the FAQ webpage.

Employee Occupational Health & Wellness is located in Duke Clinic in the sub-basement of the Orange Zone.