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Outbound Visa Support

In an effort to ensure Duke employees adhere to the immigration laws of countries visited in the course of research, collaboration and teaching, the Office of Global Administrative and Travel Support can assist in securing the correct travel documentation based on the traveler's citizenship, destination, dates, and purpose of travel.  Travel documentation ranges from securing a passport, to applying for an entry visa, or for those who plan an extended period abroad and in accordance to the laws of the host country, permission to work and reside in a foreign jurisdiction may be required.

The last decade has seen a significant increase in government’s taking a more proactive approach to monitor foreigners entering their countries.  The most common method of monitoring visitors is done via an entry visa.  A visa is a conditional authorization given by a competent authority of a country for a person who is not a citizen of that country to enter its territory and to remain there for a limited duration or specific purpose.  Visas are usually a stamp endorsed in the traveler's passport booklet. Visas were historically granted by an immigration official on a visitor's arrival at the frontiers of the host country, increasingly travelers today who wish to enter another country must apply in advance for a visa, sometimes in person at a consular office, by mail or online.

To facilitate the purchase of the correct travel documentation to enter another country the policy on 'Payments Related to Obtaining Travel Documentation' was created and issued in April 2015.

For assistance in securing a passport, visa or work/residency permit, please contact Christy Parrish Michels to begin the process.