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Faculty/Staff Travel

Faculty, Staff and others (e.g., alumni and post-docs) are strongly urged to enter their travel plans in Duke's registry.  The registry is the only source we have when an emergency occurs abroad and we seek to identify travelers that might be in the affected area(s) so that we can provide aide and, if necessary, evacuation.  While schools, institutes and departments may have established their own requirement that their faculty and staff must register, the institutional policy is that it is optional.

The registry is also used when travelers engage International SOS or CIGNA Medical Benefit Abroad providers if they are ill, injured or otherwise have a crisis.  Both providers seek confirmation that the person is indeed a Duke traveler and the easiest means for us to verify that is if you're in the registry.

Please note: registration information is considered confidential and will only be used in the event of an emergency.

Faculty, staff and others have the option to complete one of three different types of registration forms:

  • "Express" which simply collects dates and destination information;
  • "Standard" which includes optional fields for an emergency contact, a Duke departmental contact, passport/visa information as well as flight and lodging details;
  • "Proxy" allows someone other than the traveler to enter one's travel plans by looking them up in the directory and then entering their trip details (e.g., an Administrative Assistant inputting a Faculty member's travel plans).

For groups of travelers, we can also do a batch upload.  Please contact the office of Global Administrative and Travel Support for the batch upload template.

To enter your travel plans, please click on the 'home' icon in the upper left-hand corner to return to the home page and then select the button for the form you wish to use.