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Undergraduate Travel

All undergraduate students whose international travel is funded- or sponsored-by, or entails earning credit to be transferred to Duke or applied toward a Duke degree, must register their travel plans in the Duke University Travel Registry prior to departure.

Undergraduates are prohibited from traveling to destinations on the Duke University 'Restricted Regions List (RRL)' unless they successfully petition for a waiver of the restriction at least 60-days prior to their intended travel dates.

Programs, Organizations, Departments, Institutes and Schools should ensure students are in compliance with the travel policy prior to granting travel funds or allowing travel.

If you wish to travel to a destination that is restricted, please follow the petition instructions found online at

To register your travel details, please click on the 'home' button in the upper right-hand corner of this page and select the button that best describes who you are and where you are traveling to (restricted vs. non-restricted destination).

Registration information is considered confidential and will only be used in the event of an emergency.