Employee Travel Clinic

In conjunction with the Duke Vaccination and Travel Health Review Policy, which requires Duke's units, schools and institutes to cover the cost of pre- and post-travel health checkups and vaccinations to those who are traveling abroad with Duke-Support, a Travel Clinic within Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW) was established. EOHW provides Duke employees with travel health care and provides at-cost vaccinations for global travel that is related to one's work at Duke. EOHW can bill your department directly for their services via an Interdepartmental Request and Invoice Form (IRI) or you can pay with your Duke procurement card. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted if you will have accompanying adult dependents who may also need pre-/post-travel health care. Please note: for accompanying dependents there is a $50 consultation fee and generally costs associated with their care/vaccines is a personal cost of the employee.

Prior to visiting the EOHW Travel Clinic Faculty and Staff should complete an online Travel Questionnaire. Note: All health and medical information is kept strictly confidential and is protected by law.

It is recommended that you schedule your pre-travel health review as far in advance of your travel as possible as some vaccinations are administered in a series over several weeks or months. If you have any questions, you can contact the EOHW Travel Clinic by calling (919) 684-3136.

Employee Occupational Health & Wellness is located in Duke Clinic in the sub-basement of the Orange Zone (Room 0320) and can be reached via the driveway loop off Flowers Drive.

Of Special Note

Please be aware that pre-/post-travel health consultations and vaccinations are not routinely covered by the vast majority of health insurance plans as international travel is considered "elective." If your travel heath care is not covered by Duke per the Vaccination and Travel Health Review policy noted above or by having paid the Student Health fee each semester, you should be prepared for out-of-pocket costs for your visit and vaccinations. Travelers are strongly encouraged to see physicians who specialize in travel medicine such as that is provided by the clinics above who have physicians and staff with expertise in infectious disease, communicable diseases and travel medicine.

Travel Clinic for Students

The Duke Student Health Clinic provides travel health exams and vaccinations for students who have paid the Student Health Fee.  Several vaccines are given as a series and can take several weeks to complete. Also, most students travel during academic breaks which increases demand. Planning early enables you to get an appointment and avoid waiting lists and potential vaccine shortages. The clinic will try to accommodate all students, but at peak times it can take up to 6-weeks to get an appointment. Individual appointments are available Monday through Friday, with hours varying depending on the time of year. Appointments and information can be obtained by calling 919-681-9355 (WELL). Please plan 90-minutes for your appointment.

Duke Student Health Clinic is located on 2nd floor of the Student Wellness Center on Towerview Road.

Duke Travel Clinic for Others

For others who are seeking International Traveler Health Care and are not eligible for the above-mentioned options, the Duke Travel Clinic in South Durham helps adults 18-years of age and older safely prepare for a trip outside the United States. Their infectious disease and travel medicine experts offer pre-and post-travel consultations to help prevent illness and disease during your travels as well as to assist with any illness or injury incurred while you are abroad. Ideally, your visit to a travel clinic should take place 4- to 6-weeks before you leave the country and for post-travel, as soon as possible for an injury or illness contracted abroad. The Duke Travel Clinic is located at 234 Crooked Creek Parkway, Suite 520, Durham NC 27713 and can be reached by phone at +1.919.385.5500 or scheduled through My Duke Health (MyChart).